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This is the link for the Mothering Sunday sermon from the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby


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We are trying to implement our government and bishops' guidance and they are themselves reacting to a rapidly evolving situation.

As you can read from the official letter below, the Bishops of London, Southwark, Chelmsford and Worcester, whose diocese cover the most urbanised and hardest hit area of England, have taken the decision to close down all ecclesiastical buildings until the crisis has eased. Our church is now closed.

We will endeavour to staff the parish office for a couple of hours a day and also deal with correspondence by working from home.  Bearing in mind that all gatherings are to be avoided, we are not encouraging visits to either the office or the Vicarage but if you do wish or need to visit Lorenzo, to avoid congestion, would you kindly book an appointment.

Isolation and distancing at this time should be taken seriously. It is a difficult expression of the Christian love we owe to each other but this virus is dangerous because of its infectivity rate.  Therefore, while many may not endanger themselves they do put a lot of vulnerable people at great risk.

A huge thank you to all who have volunteered to post the flyer that was printed last week. The information it displays is now largely obsolete and the rest of the flyers need not be posted.

The support group on loss is postponed till the virus does not present a serious threat any longer.

On a much more hopeful note, you will I hope be delighted to learn that our Bishops have agreed for the Revd YungHee Koh to be licensed as Associate Minster at St Luke's. Although the timing of her move is yet to be determined. 

With best wishes


Here is the letter from the four Diocescan Bishops

The Church continues to be alive and active, but our buildings must close in London

As we gather to pray for our nation at 7pm this evening, 22nd March, we have been aware how the Church of England in London has responded to the suspension of public worship, and for a season to finding a new way of living, worshipping and serving our communities. Sadly, London is ahead of the rest of the country in seeing a steep rise in the number of those falling sick with COVID-19. We have all heard the strong calls from the Mayor and the Prime Minister not to leave home unless it is essential, and not to use public transport unless we have to. If our attempts to distance ourselves physically from one another and prevent the spread of infection are not effective, more people will die. 

In light of this, the time has come, in London, not only for us to suspend public worship, but for us to close our church buildings entirely. In doing this we demonstrate how important physical distancing is in saving lives. Do place notices on the doors and also on your website explaining how people can join with the church in worship and prayer with an emergency telephone number so that contact can be made if required. We are aware that, although we make the decision in London first, it may be required across the country.

Clergy who live adjacent to their churches may still go into the building and pray and even celebrate the Eucharist. You might ring the bell to tell the faithful that prayer is happening and do live stream as much as possible; but the doors should now be left closed even for private prayers. Others should continue their pattern of prayer in their homes. Current guidance remains for baptism, weddings and funeral although this may change in coming days.

Our most profound desire is to come together with our neighbours. Christ taught us to come together as His Body to celebrate the sacraments. In all the history of Christendom in these islands, we have not before taken such a step. Partly, this is our modern understanding of how disease is communicated, which in the times of former plagues had not developed. But it is also born of the teaching of Our Lord that the two great commandments are love of God and love of neighbour. The very love of neighbour that leads us to want to come together requires us to sacrifice congregating for a season.

Even though our buildings will be closed, the Church continues to be alive and active. Please continue to commend tools for worship, bible study and devotion at home which have been put online, continue to live stream the worship you are able to within the guidance, enable people with biblical reflection, spiritual communion, and personal devotion. Where you can meet virtually for prayer and Bible study, do so. Finally, pray for us, as we do for you, in these difficult days.

The action is being replicated for London Boroughs in the Dioceses of London, Southwark, Chelmsford and Rochester and with support from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

+ Sarah Bishop of London
+ Christopher Bishop of Southwark
+James Bishop of Rochester
+Stephen Bishop of Chelmsford