Planned Giving Campaign

Generosity: St Luke's and securing its future.

The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world, and all who in it. Psalm 24:1 

Every year during Lent we raise awareness of our Planned Giving Campaign, this year it is focussed on the theme of Generosity: 

  1. Generosity - financially helping to support and grow our congregation and all that we do in the community.
  2. Christian value of Stewardship and our continued support of charities with strong connections to St Luke's, such as Ace of Clubs and Malaika Kids. 
  3. Supporting less fortunate parishes through the Diocesan Parish Support Fund.  This year we will be revisiting Thamesmead, a church where the clergy and congregation are net recipients of the Parish Support Fund. 

Please watch the video about what Generosity means to members of our own congregation

Please watch the second video about what St Luke's means to members of our own congregation

Please watch the video to find out more about The Thamesmead Team Ministry, churches that are supported by the Parish Support Fund.

Please watch the video and read on to understand how you can make a difference through our Planned Giving Scheme.

Your support of our church is truly amazing - through leadership, time and money. However,  for us to continue to grow our offering for young people and families, support less fortunate parishes and maintain our charitable giving,  we need your help.

If you are not already giving regularly, please do join the scheme - a monthly commitment can be made easily by standing order or online using the links.  

If you are already a regular giver please consider increasing your contribution.  A small increase from everyone would go a long way to help secure St Luke's for future generations.  

If you're a taxpayer and able to Gift Aid, this will boost your giving by 25%.

This year with the significant rise in the cost of living we recognise not everyone's financial situation is the same.  Whatever you decide, we're hugely grateful.  

All donations will be blessed at the Easter service.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Click here to download the Standing Order Form 

Click here to download this years information leaflet

Click here to give to the church online 

Click here to donate to Revd Yunghee Koh's leaving gift or give to the church online

In the communion service, when the offerings are brought to the altar, 
we all say together the words: "All things come from you O Lord, and of your own do we give you." It is in this spirit that we ask everyone to reflect 
on their own giving, and to give as much as they can.