Planned Giving

Why Planned Giving?

Like all churches, St Luke’s depends for its income almost entirely on the giving from our members and supporters. It is not financed by the state or by wealth inherited from past generations and needs this income in order to sustain and develop its work, to maintain this beautiful church, and to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Everyone who considers themselves a member of St Luke's and its community is asked to join our 'Planned Giving' scheme, by making a pledge to give an amount - a percentage of income - regularly by standing order.  Planned Giving is also known as stewardship.

Where does it go?

Nearly two-thirds of our income goes to pay our "Parish Share", paid by all parishes to contribute to the diocese to support the work of the Church as a whole. In this way, better-off parishes give to help poorer churches, in places which might otherwise be left without a church or a priest or a Christian community. In our case, about half our Parish Share goes to help other parishes, while the remainder in effect comes back to us in the form of paying for our own clergy.

Nearly a third of our income is used for our own expenditure - maintenance of the church building, the running cost of services, paying for our wonderful Youth Worker, and parish administration.

The remainder is given away to charities supported by St Luke’s with which members of the congregation have links – some of them local, some of them in developing countries. Click here to learn more about our charities.

How much should I give?

The General Synod of the Church of England has challenged church members to give 5% of their income after-tax to and through the Church, and a similar amount to other good causes. This level of giving is not yet achieved, but it is a target to which we aim.

Next steps

The advantages of pledged giving to St Luke’s are twofold. First, it enables the church to plan ahead with much more certainty. Second, if you pay income tax, then you can complete a Gift Aid declaration, which enables St Luke’s to recover (from HM Revenue and Customs) income tax at the standard rate on your donation. This means that we receive (at present) an extra £28 for every £100 that is pledged.

Once you have decided that you would like to join the scheme, download a planned giving form here. Just fill it in and return it to the Parish Office or the box at the back of church, and we will do the rest. Those who give by standing order can take a card from the basket before a service and place it in the collection plate as their offering.

If your income is irregular, or if you do not consider yourself a member but would still like to support St Luke’s, then you may like to give a one-off donation - please ring the Parish Office on 020 8772 0463. Again, income tax payers can increase the value of their gift by making a Gift Aid declaration.

Click here to give to the church online

Click here to give to the church online

In the communion service, when the offerings are brought to the altar, we all say together the words: "All things come from you O Lord, and of your own do we give you." It is in this spirit that we ask everyone to reflect on their own giving, and to give as much as they can.