St Luke's is delighted to welcome all those who wish their children to start their Christian journey by being baptised.


Baptism at St Luke's is offered to those who live in the parish, whose parents are on the church's electoral roll or attend services at St Luke's and are familiar with the approach to worship at this church. Others living outside the parish should normally be baptised in their own parish church.


Baptisms take place by arrangement with the Parish Office, usually on the second and fourth Sundays of the month at a noon service, with up to three families involved.

It is advisable to make arrangements well in advance of your desired date as we are fortunate in having many children baptised at St Luke's.


Due to the promises made during the baptism those chosen as godparents must themselves have been baptised. Others may act as sponsors for the child and they are invited to make different promises during the baptism. Usually, but not always, there are three godparents / sponsors (two female and one male for a girl and vice versa for a boy).


We will invite you both to join us at a service the month prior to your Baptism, either the third Sunday of the month 10am Parish Communion or the 11.30am First Sunday Family Service.  At this service your child will be welcomed and presented.  The initial rites of baptism will take place.  Following the service we will have short preparation meeting and rehearsal around the font.  This will replace the Baptism Preparation evening and will give any older children the opportunity to be a part of the preparation and feel more relaxed on the day. You will then be contacted by a baptism visitor (a member of the St Luke's congregation) who will visit you at home in the fortnight preceding the baptism. The visitor will welcome you, advise you of services and children's activities at the church and answer any further questions that you may have about the baptism.

Adult Baptism

In the normal course of events adult baptism is linked with the person's confirmation as a member of the Christian faith. For further details, please speak to a member of the clergy team.

Thank offerings

There are no fees for baptism at St Luke's, but we invite you to make a thank offering in support of the work of the church. We are enormously grateful for all contributions towards the running of St Luke's.



How to find out more

To arrange a baptism please come to the Parish Office between 10am and 11am on a Monday or during term time on a Thursday between 2pm and 4pm to meet a member of the staff.

For more information contact Alison Roche c/o the Parish Office 020 8772 0463 e-mail.