About Us

St Luke's church is at the heart of the local community - serving the wider community.

St Luke's is liberal thinking on matters of theology and inclusive. We aim to support all in the understanding of Christ's teaching.

We have a large congregation with a great deal of talent and a host of different gifts and capabilities. We actively encourage lay participation in all aspects of church life.

We place great value on prayer and healing ministry. Music plays a major part in the life of our church. Nurturing children's spirituality is of particular importance to us.
Discussion of issues of faith is much encouraged and there are a number of home groups provided for this purpose.  We have an active Junior Church, a growing Family Service every Sunday morning and schools coming to church throughout the week.

It is easy to talk about what it is to be a Christian but it is another matter to know how to live it. At St Luke's we try to follow Christ by questioning, exploring, offering the best in all we do, being generous with the gifts God has given us and becoming more personally responsible and adult in our faith. We believe to follow Christ challenges human selfishness.

These are some of the ways in which we go about it:


Ladies at graden party


Freedom Group

Freedom group

"St Luke's is very welcoming and I wanted to do something specifically for retired people - so I set up a monthly coffee morning at my home."

Rich Poor Supper

Rich/poor supper

"It was a fun way of making a serious point. I've ended up with the poor meal for the last three years now!! - so I know that most of the meals served are dahl rather than roast meat, which is just how it is in the real world. Of course the hospitality at St Luke's is so good that even a 'poor' meal is pretty good and it helps in the annual drive to raise money for Christian Aid - that's big at this church."


Chalice Assistant

"I consider it a great privilege to be asked to serve the wine during the Eucharist. It's a special thing reminding me how Christ was willing to serve other people."

Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving project

"It's good to have a fund raiser which is aimed at giving to a charity. Supporting Trinity Hospice was a good choice because it's local, some people from St Luke's volunteer there and most of those have personal experience of someone who has benefitted. They don't get all that much state funding so the money is really needed."

Retired Party

Young people serving at the retired person's tea party

"We have a good social life at St Luke's. It's lovely to see people enjoying themselves. It gives people a sense of belonging and helps us to grow as a church family."

Community Projects

Community project

"I do want to help people who are in need but sometimes it's difficult to know how to do this. So when I'm asked to work on a project at the weekend I do this if I possibly can. When I get there it's so much fun working with the team and those receiving help are so grateful - for really what's not much effort after all."

Baptism Preparation

Baptism preparation

"I came along to the baptism preparation session because my wife said to! But it wasn't at all 'preachy' and really made me think. I liked meeting other Dads and there was some good practical parenting advice. I think it will get us started on coming to church again - not every week but when we can."

Wedding Preparation

Marriage preparation

"Getting hitched is a big thing. We felt more prepared for what we were really taking on after the meeting with the vicar - and calmer."

Christian Aid

Christian Aid collecting

"I remember being told of a man in the third world who was just incredulous that rich people in England would go begging on the streets to help people like me'. It put a whole new feeling to doing the house-to-house collecting for Christian Aid. It's worth suffering a little discomfort and embarrassment to get the money which will change lives." 

Parish Office

Parish Office

"I'd been into the Parish Office to book parties and ask about things in the hall. The ladies in there were always very welcoming, so I thought I might give the church a try. Glad I did."

Visiting a newcomer

Visiting a newcomer

"People have to feel comfortable that this is the right church for them. For me visiting is going out of our way to be welcoming and letting people know what St Luke's has to offer, without being too pushy. But of course it's great when you see people in church later and they're getting really involved."

Junior Choir


"For me music makes a big difference to worship. You are so lucky to have such an impressive choir at St Luke's."


Wednesday Eucharist

"I recommend the small service on Wednesday morning in the Lady Chapel - I try to come on Sunday as well of course, but often there are family things at the weekend . Its quiet and I can pray and really give thanks - and focus on all the people who need our prayers".


Lighting a candle

"Lighting a candle focuses my mind on prayer. I'm so glad I can do this quietly in a private way in the Lady Chapel."


Attending a course

"The people who came along had different levels of knowledge but it didn't matter. We learnt a lot from each other as well as the course materials."

 Pram Service

Pray and Play

"I enjoy the discussions on topical subjects we have at the pram services. The toddlers run around but it doesn't matter - we're all in the same boat."