Nurturing Spirituality in Children

Children are particularly welcome at St Luke's. They are important to us. All children have an inborn spirituality; but if spirituality is not nurtured, it withers. We aim to encourage children in their spiritual development and parents in the role they can play to support them. Click here for more about what we do.

Here in summary are the services and activities which St Luke's offers for children and their parents:


Click here for more about baptisms at St Luke's.

Pray & Play

A very informal service designed to allow parents and carers of pre-school children to discuss and read the Gospel of Mark. Toddlers and babies have toys to play with and there is no requirement for them to be quiet! Refreshments before and after. The Service  takes place every Wednesday at 10.30am. You can double check by looking at our Events Calendar.

Drop In Playgroup

These groups are sponsored by the church and take place in the Community Hall every Thursday in term time. The playgroup is for pre-school children with parents staying throughout. Click here for more details.

Family Service

On the first Sunday of the month at 11:30. A service particularly suitable for families with young children, lasting about 40 minutes. Refreshments and time to meet other families afterwards.

Junior Church

Every Sunday (except the third Sunday of the month) during the 10:00 Parish Eucharist. Children join the service at the beginning and end. For the remaining time they go to the Community Hall. Click here for more details.

Junior Choir

Our large junior choir involves almost 30 children between 8 and 14 years of age coached by Jordan Theis our Junior Choir Director. They sing with the adult choir at the 10:00 Parish Eucharist every Sunday morning and greatly enhance our worship by singing at special services. Click here for more details.